CC stool



This unusual stool was the starting point of Rex Kralj’s collection of products featuring the unique cross construction. The upper part of the stool appears to float effortlessly above the cross construction, and the whole construction is held together with a single screw. Characterized by its clean lines and minimalistic appearance, designer Niko Kralj managed to redefine this simple piece of furniture.

This stool is versatile and easy to apply in your home. It is a stool that you simply slide at a table for additional seating but also can be used as a side table.

Founded by Niko Kralj in Slovenia in 1952, furniture company Rex Kralj has become known for its contribution to 20th century industrial design. Today, the company continues in his legacy and sheds new light on these iconic designs.

Delivery time is 2-4 weeks. We will contact you about the delivery. The sale price includes shipping.

Credit images: photography by Holly Marder & Wen van Woudenberg, styling by Design Studio Nu for Rex Kralj

Design Details

Material | ash, oak and walnut
Colour | white and black


W 40 cm x L 40 cm x H 43,5 cm



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