Design Consultation | in the atelier



Do you have an interior question that you can use support with? Then choose one of our interior consultations and we will use our expertise exactly where you deem it necessary. This appointment takes place in the studio in the center of Delft.

We notice that there are many people who would like interior advice but find the step to an interior architect too big. That is why we offer various forms of consultation. Do you want to focus on an interior bottleneck at a great location? Then this consultation is for you. In a two-hour conversation, our customers experience focus to be able to get started with the questions they have about their interior. In the studio we have the peace and space to come up with interior solutions together, and we also have access to a spacious sample library. After this conversation you will have an answer to your question and you can continue to work yourself or, and only if this is desired, we will help you with the next step.

What can you expect from us?

We schedule an appointment when we meet. Beforehand, we ask you to briefly send some information so that we can prepare the interview in broad outline. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to explain in detail what your question is and what possible bottlenecks are. You immediately receive practical tips and advice, sometimes in the form of sketches that you can then use yourself. Finally, you will receive a short summary by email with the advice given.

You can purchase the advice here in the shop, this appointment lasts two hours. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

credit image: Studio Artspret