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Handle is a leather loop with one attachment point and available in 5 sizes

Our handles are characterized by the quality. We use 3 mm thick Italian leather. The handles are made with specially designed punches that ensure that each handle is exactly the same. The mounting is clever and practical. You can easily apply our handles in situations whereby the handles are heavily used like large cupboard doors or the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Our designs often arise out of need. This was also the case for Handle. In 2010 we were looking for a nice leather handle for a project and could not find it so we designed and produced leather cabinet pulls ourselves. We refined the design until we had a nice, practical and of course beautiful handle. Handle is the result of this process. Handle is a loop of leather with one attachment point. It turned out that there was a need for a grip with two attachment points. We decided to add Grip to the collection.

Do you have specific wishes or want to place a large order? Please contact us. We like to help.

Uncertain about the size? Maybe our printable size chart can help you in making your choice.

Design Details

Material | 3mm thick leather
Colour | cream
Mounting | stainless steel, brass or black


1 | 1,8 x 6 cm
2 | 1,8 x 7 cm
3 | 1,8 x 10 cm
4 | 2,5 x 8 cm
5 | 3 x 9 cm



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