Shakers Pegrail | Peg – oak



In the 19th century, The Shakers formed the largest and most famous community in the United States. Shakers are known for their simple living, architecture, technological innovation and furniture. They are the inventors of the circular saw, flat broom, clothespin and of course the Shaker Peg.

We have different types of Shakers Pegs for you in our collection, both made of solid oak and birch. The pegs are made in the United States. All of our untreated wooden pegs are smooth, gracefully shaped and easy to paint. Use the pegs to easily make a custom coat rack yourself. With a slat, a drill and some screws you will soon have a coat rack that is completely tailored to your wishes and needs.

Of course you don’t just have to hang a coat or piece of clothing on a Shakers Pegrail. Use it in the kitchen for your tea and kitchen towels or above the counter for your kitchen accessories. In the bathroom it is perfect for drying towels or a scented bundle of eucalyptus.
If you want to do it even more like Shakers, make a wall-sized coat rack on one or even more walls. Or use the Shakers Pegrail to finish a paneling. The graphic line of the Shakers Pegrail gives the whole space a peaceful and a tidy feeling.

Design Details

Shakers Peg
Solid Oak


Length | 2 7/16" - 62 mm
Diameter Head | 3/4" - 19 mm
Peg length en diameter | 3/8" - 9,5 mm


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