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For the design of Stick, we were inspired with the Japanese design style. Combine this with our preference for simple shapes and the use of natural materials. The result is a minimalist grip in the form of a stick, as the name states. The friendly round shape of the handle will give a subtle warm touch to the closet, kitchen or piece of furniture.

Stick is produced entirely in the Netherlands with great care. The handles are supplied both untreated and treated (with oil or beeswax) and including mounting material.

Do you want to learn more about the installation? You can find the manual here. Do you want to replace existing handles? Then measure the current drill holes by measuring the center of the screw to the center of the next screw on the back of the door or drawer. This is called the centre-to-centre distance. It is good to know that the drill holes for standard handles are 32 mm or a multiple thereof. This is also reflected in our handles. For example, our size 2 has drill holes with a distance of 32 mm, size 3 128 mm, size 4 both 160 mm and 190 mm and size 5 960 mm plus one in the middle.

Uncertain about the size? Maybe our printable size chart can help you in making your choice.

The standard sizes are available from stock. Is there not enough stock? These handles are available on reorder.
Do you prefer other sizes? We also provide custom sizes.

This is the Square variant. Do you prefer a round shaped wooden handle? Take a look at Stick Round Pine.

When you buy more than ten grips, you can get a 10% discount on your order. Use the code GREEP10 and the discount will be added to your shopping cart.

Design Details

material | pine
pine wood is a light soft wood with knots: there may be small imperfections in the handle that belong to the wood type.


Our handles have the following sizes and drill holes at the following centre-to-centre distance:
Size 1 | 25mm
Size 2 | 75 mm, drill holes 32 mm
Size 3 | 150 mm, drill holes 128 mm
Size 4 | 250 mm, drilled holes at both 160 mm and 192 mm
Size 5 | 1000 mm, drill holes at 960 mm plus 1 in the middle


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