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07 Sep 2017

We are back again. It has been a little quiet because of our wonderful summer break. But now we are back with lots of energy and, as always, many fun things in perspective. For example, we are working on a second studio where, in addition to our designing work, we have enough space for photography assignments as well. The stock of the new wooden handle Stick has arrived. And of course we are working on various private and business projects. Before we share more about this, we’ll look back on an old blog post today. This time one in the ‘Styled By’ category, we show how Deborah of Ollie and Seb’s Haus used our black handle in her interior.

‘Perhaps you already know Deborah Gordon from Instagram where she has 133K(!) followers with her account apieceofcake82. That is the way we also got to know her a while back again. We were pleased that she began a blog in early 2013, where she keeps a visual diary of her children, her home in Glasgow and her daily inspiration. Her blog Ollie and Seb’s haus is beautiful and the glimpses into her bright white house complemented by shades of gray and black accents are very inspiring. We are honored that she finds our Handles an addition to her interior. Deborah chose the special Handle black to replace the standard grip of an IKEA cabinet. Glad you’re so happy with the Handles, Deborah!


Photography and styling Deborah Ollie and Seb’s Haus

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