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26 Jun 2017

Many of our clients come with interior questions that reflect their over the years changing wishes and needs. This was also the case with this project at the Parkweg in The Hague, the Netherlands. The client lives in a beautiful spacious house and the house was totally finished. But then the children went to study and lived partly on their own. Every now and then they are home for a weekend and there came the need for a chill room. The space is intended as a cozy space where the children can give a party or relax with friends like  have a drink and play some music. The daughter which still lives at home had to be able to watch her movies with her friends as well.

We started working on this project and chose a warm and somewhat darker palette as a starting point. The walls were painted in the beautiful color blue Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball. We added the color cognac to this palette. We chose a spacious leather sofa where everyone could sit on and relax. From the couch you can easily watch a movie. We designed a piece of furniture that gives a lot of storage space but can also be used as a seating area. The side tables are very flexible to use in various ways and, moreover, are easy to move when a party is organized. We also designed a bar which is made by a furniture maker. Even to the details of a metal support for resting the feet. We chose warm comfortable tones such as anthracite, cognac and marble that resemble a pub or cozy coffeehouse but kept the design tight and modern so it would fit well with the young people using the space. The result is a modern chill room where the young adults feel at home, suits the rest of the house and is suitable for all purposes identified at the start of the project.


Cover image bar
Collage | bar | salontafels | lampjes | barstoel
Interior design door Design Studio Nu
leather handles

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