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23 Jun 2017

In our job we meet al sort of people. And those people have each different wishes and needs. But they also have similarities. They all are looking for answers to the interior questions they have. We noticed that some experience a threshold to hire an interior architect. They are concerned that they loose control about the proces or the budget. That is why we always make an appointment to meet each other first. The client can explain their wishes and needs for the project. We will make a proposal after that in which we explain the steps and of course the costs.

Sometimes a extensive route is not necessary but you struggle with a specific interior question. Then opt for our design consultation. We schedule an appointment to give advice on the spot. In this two-hour conversation you have the opportunity to discuss in detail what your needs are and possible bottlenecks. You get immediate practical tips and advice which you can carry out yourself.

For example, we helped someone who had received the design consultation as a gift. This couple would move to a new-built house in the city center of Delft. The plan of the whole base for the home already existed, the man of the couple was a contractor and would build the house himself. The woman was more focussed on the interior and had some doubts with some of her ideas for the interior. She had the need to look at these things with an expert to make a good decision. A type of flooring can determine the atmosphere in a space and she also wanted to match the materials for the kitchen with the floor. We offered a solution by putting a color palette together. We added the choices for the materials for the big things like floor, wall and kitchen. The result was a coherent palette where the client felt comfortable and secure.

Another question came from a couple who had bought a new home. Early in the process, they had to make choices and pass these on to the construction company. In the original design of the house, the rooms for living room and kitchen were about the same size but just too small to live well. The couple had already puzzled on it themselves, but they could’t find the solution. In the design consultation we sketched several options in the layout. Until the point we found a balance between the living room and the kitchen. After that, the clients communicated the final choice with the construction company. And they visited the kitchen supplier who used the rough sketch for the kitchen design.

Is this something you would like too? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our shop for design consultation.

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