Flexible dining room

28 Mar 2017

The dining table is in many homes the central place. People eat there, work,children make their homework or just chat with each other. This is exactly how it is at Nathalie’s home. The size of the Nathalie family is not always the same, since she has a blended family. In the search for the perfect house the broker told her more families are looking for a home with room for flexibility. That gave us the thought to share our ideas with you because the design issue of Nathalie perhaps will inspire others. And now we are talking specifically about a blended family but the same situation applies to holidays such as Easter or as a family expands because the children take a friend home. So we answer this question: how can I ensure that the dining room is cozy and functional for different occasions?

We hope we inspired you to create a flexible dining room.What’s your favorite design of the flexible dining room?


cover image | Renée Kemps
image 1  | dining room – Tessa Hop
designs by Design Studio Nu
shopping collage | producten voor de eetkamer Flinders
image 2 | Renée Kemps
image 3 | Renée Kemps
image 4 | Scandinavian Homes
image 5 | Interieur+

Design Details

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