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06 Mar 2017

After only blinking it was already time for a spring break. We feel it is just 2017. Actually, it also worked out well because it’s been pretty busy during those first weeks of the year. We always try to keep the holidays of children free from work and that does not always possible but we strive to do so. Nathalie spend this nice vacation in Hotel Blooming in Bergen and Tessa went to France for a great ski holiday. She shares in this blog a few of her beautiful winter sports photos.

Winter sports in the spring break has become a tradition. We plan to go skiing together with our befriended neighbors. We went earlier to Sweden and Austria with the two families and this time we chose a large family house in France, near the Swiss border. The house is cozy, ideal for pleasant evenings where Hygge will prevail. We had wonderful days. The house had a beautiful view. In the dining room there was a window through which we looked at the mountains in the photos. It was an enchanting background of any activity that took place in the house. Now I miss those wonderful views quite a bit so I decided to print one of these photos and frame. So I can enjoy at home that wonderful holiday feeling. “


Photography – Tessa Weerdenburg | Design Studio Nu

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