Handles at Hills & Mills

15 Jun 2017

As you may know we used to operate under a different name until the end of last year. (Read more about it here) With the new brand identity we also started with a new website and blog. We decided to start fresh with all elements so we left the old website and blog behind. Our archive with blogposts is not visible any more and for some of the content that is a pity. So we will revive some of those old posts starting with: Hills & Mills.

“Hills & Mills opened its doors in the summer of 2012. During the renovation they aroused our interest with their advertisement. A pure food café was more than welcome in Delft. Now we have regularly work lunches there and we think this space is highly recommended. Welcoming, cozy and healthy pure food that also tastes delicious. If you visit Delft make sure you stop by.
At one of our visits we suddenly had the bright idea to replace the old door knobs with our leather handles. Sheraz Kazmi of Hills & Mills was enthusiastic about this change. We love the contrast of the leather with the monumental elements. Many visitors ask Sheraz about the colour used on the cabinets. They love the combination of marble worktop, the grey green colour of the cabinets, the copper strip and the touch of warmth of the cognac leather. Photographer Andrew Walkinshaw took these lovely images. He captured the ambiance of Hills & Mills plus our leather handles perfectly”


Leather handles – Design Studio Nu
Photography Andrew Walkinshaw
Hills & Mills | Oude Langendijk 6 | Delft, the Netherlands

Design Details

Leather handles cognac size 4 – to the shop

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