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Our client Decom Technology People from Venray contacted us. We were very much excited by the assignment so we instantly drove to Venray for our first interview. Daan van Mosseveld and Esther Burgman showed us their old office and told us about the bottlenecks they experienced. We also visited the new location, a bit further on the same street. The building, an old bank was vacant and the layout was dated, but it made our hearts leap. If we would open up the industrial elements this could turn into something very beautiful.


Interior Design – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Andrew Walkinshaw

Love for Design

We started making a new layout, giving each division appropriate working space. There was enough space for different kind of meetings and we also created beautiful spacious boardrooms for Daan and Esther. The black meeting box is the centrepoint of the building. When the new layout was approved we made the design for the entire building. Daan, a lover of design classics, had purchased a number of Eames chairs. This gave us an excellent starting point for the overall design. We choose an atmosphere which emphasized the hospitality of the company and its employees.  The great variety of colours and materials formed a perfect unity.

Compliments of our visitors

We were looking for a design for our new head office and we were struck by Design Studio Nu’s portfolio. From day one we had a connection with Tessa and Nathalie. The design suited our demands and perfectly depicted the atmosphere we strived to achieve. The cooperation during the construction was super. Design Studio Nu and our contractor worked together very well. Many of our visitors compliment us on the beautiful design.

Daan van Mosseveld

Managing Director

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