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We knew this client already from previous projects. At the time, we have designed Eleven office for them and also privately we have worked together before. For this assignment, the question was clear and concrete. The couple already had a lot of ideas for their new home, but they needed some support to translate those ideas into a concrete design. We made them a design for the fireplace and the custom cabinets. We made mood boards of atmospheric images and materials.


Interior design РTessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Holly Marder

Smart solutions for everyday

We made various designs for custom cabinets and fireplace. The cabinet has, besides a lot of storage space, a niche to sit in. The soft seating, completely covered with felt, is the ideal place to relax or read a book with the children. In the evening, the niche is subtly illuminated by an LED lamp. The other wooden niche provides space for books and beautiful accessories. The clients can create still lifes here with their favorite stuff that should receive some extra attention.

The existing fire place did not fit into the current style we had in mind. In addition the original fire place was situated at the wrong place in the room. Therefore we broadened the fire place and bend a steel plate to size. This makes the whole optical widened and it forms a beautiful whole with the other areas. We have deliberately kept the sides open so you can see the fire from from the TV part of the room.

We gave the advice to completely blacken the wall where the television was mounted. The wall was also thickened and this way the television is a bit hidden. Moreover, the thickening is shaped around the corner. This aspect of the design gives a smart solution for hanging the curtains.



Plaid Ferm Living | cushion IKEA | Wooden toys | Candle holder with match box | Coffee table Zuiver

A refreshing design

We asked Design Studio Nu to help us with this project because of the good experience of working together with projects in the past. Moreover, we looked for a partner that could complement our own ideas. Tessa came with a refreshing design for the living room which suited our ideas.
We enjoy the fireplace the most. Our guests responds very positively to our house. Especially the cabinets with the niche gets a lot of attention.

Peter Boon


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