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The Slovenian lighting brand Vertigo Bird earlier contacted us this year. CEO and founder Silvo Kačar had seen the work that we had done for the Slovenian furniture brand Rex Kralj and asked us if we could make imagery for them as well. Vertigo Bird has a beautiful collection of lighting which reflect the company’s key words simple and smart. The collection is constantly expanding and we were asked to create sphere images for the new products: CAT, a beautiful ceiling lamp in various sizes and colors. And DEMIJOHN, the hanging lamp that is finished with a subtle edge of wood. Finally CONCIERGE, a minimalist bedside lamp. We suggested to capture our favorite hanging lamp FUNNEL in a business and private setting as well.


Concept, Art direction and Styling – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Holly Marder

'Simple and Smart'

Lighting is a technical addition to the interior. It can also make or break an interior. To create the right atmosphere, we create various interior settings with a warm, light appearance and reflects the key words simple and smart. We choose various wood shades like oak and poplar combined with a quiet color palette. The styling is deliberately kept calm: this way the beautiful lighting of Vertigo Bird draws your eye.
For CONCIERGE we created a bedroom. The bedside lamp is mounted against the minimalist headboard. We added dreamy soft bed linen as a contrast to the design of the lighting fixture. For ceiling lamp KAT we made a hall setting. Various sizes we mounted on a ceiling of poplar wood. For DEMIJOHN we also chose a setting you could see as a hall. And we hung several lamps in a second setting above a kitchen block to show this use. Finally, we photographed hanging lamp FUNNEL above a desk. And for the homely setting in the same kitchen subtle referring to the meaning of the name Funnel.

Curious about the end result? Click here for Vertigo Bird’s new website.


Bedding by By Mölle | Stool Tess by Design Studio Nu | Hooks by Pilat | Slippers by Mahabis | Ladder by House Doctor

Silvo Kačar


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