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HAKA, pure salad bar is located in a small, beautiful, historic building, which once was a tin factory. It’s an interesting project of the Pure Family company, which you probably know from Hills & Mills. HAKA is the first gluten free salad bar in the Netherlands. The concept is characterised by the following aspects: healthy, ground-breaking, sincere, positive, tasteful, cool and fast. Moreover, the clients have been inspired by the pureness of New Zealand.


Interior design – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Andrew Walkinshaw

The ideal layout for a narrow space

We started making the interior design for the HAKA pure salad bar as soon as the location was decided on. It’s a very narrow building, so we had to make an extremely efficient layout for the different activities: take-away, catering and delivery.
We created a welcoming bar which greets the customers on entering the bar. There is a working area with ample stowage capacity. The fresh juices are made here. There is a cosy corner near the window where the customers can relax, waiting for their soup, juice or salad. We used a contrast of rough steel and smooth, white tiles. The colour palette is light and simple, it the added warmth of terra and wood.

Has this made you interested in HAKA? You’re welcome daily at the Wijnhaven 13 for delicious, pure food. Or order the food online and have it delivered.

‘Simplicity’ and ‘clean’ as key words

For HAKA Salad Bar we were looking a partner that fitted the style that we were looking for. We knew Nathalie and Tessa from other projects. The cooperation was excellent, because communication was very efficient and clear agreements were made. The result was exactly what we had in mind.

Sheraz Kazmi


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