Summer break

29 Jun 2017

You will be probably be just as busy as we are these final weeks before the summer holidays. We are looking forward to a summer break. But before that starts we are finishing projects, making the final deliveries at our clients, ship large orders (over 2000 leather handles to Denmark!) and replenishing stock in our shop. We also look forward to nice things that will start after the summer break. We will launch a new product which we are really enthusiastic about and can’t wait to show you. Plus we have new project which we will start then. And we can tell you more about collaborations with great companies. A lot to be happy about!

To balance these busy times we tried to create some structure. Our webshop will be open during the summer but we will ship a bit less frequently. We made a schedule when we will ship your order. See the shipping dates below.

You can find the shipping days in our shop as well. We wish you a lovely summer!


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