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10 Feb 2017

Struggling¬†with the right interior choices: we have all been been there. We see it with our clients and help them by making an interior design plan. But sometimes we experience it ourselves too. So Nathalie shares the story about the¬†children’s room of¬†Veerle:

“This blog post I wanted to make for a long time. Even before Veerle actually had this room. It was in fact the case that Veerle did not had her own room before. In the old house we had simply no space and so Veerle never had a space for herself. As a mother you quickly start to fantasize about how you will decorate this space as soon as it can. I pinned many ideas on her Pinterest board but time passed and Veerle quickly went from a baby and became a girl with your own ideas and wishes.
Also, I once bought a cheap bed on Marktplaats with the plan to refurbish it. We moved and after a few weeks Veerle her children’s room was finished¬†to be decorated and then it happened:¬†I got stage fright for decorating. I¬†painted paneling with a very sweet nude-like soft pink, the bed was restored and I bought a pile of pillows at my favorite store Pantoufle. It looked cozy but it still was not right. The high bed ends were too present in the room. So we sold the refurbished bed and soon found his way to another child. We chose a simple bed¬†and the bedding and pillows would get all the attention. Because textiles are very nice to play with. I would rather invest in nice bed linen and beautiful cushions. Moreover you can also easily change them depending on your mood. We also repainted the walls and I chose a warm gray for one wall to make the base a little more peaceful. The changes helped and the side of the room has become a cozy corner. But to be honest, we are still looking for a change. So an extensive tour of the room will follow in the future.”


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Photography room Veerle РDesign Studio Nu
Bed in room Veerle – Kidsgigant

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