A trip to Luxembourg | autumn inspiration

25 Sep 2018

Sometimes people ask us where we find our interior inspiration. Of course you can think of magazines, Pinterest or also very nice to look around: Instagram. But the real inspiration finds you, at unexpected moments in real life. Sometimes when watching a movie, during a walk through the city or as Tessa had last weekend, during a short weekend away. She went to Luxembourg with her brothers and sister for a weekend and enjoyed the first signs of autumn.

Autumn in your home

“The beautiful color combinations in the facades of the houses reminded me of creating a cozy bedroom. We have a new bedroom (you can read more about it here) and look forward to adding warmer tones in our home. In this way you easily create a place where you can relax. The cushions from By Mölle are perfect with their different textures and warm tones such as cinnamon and hazel. ”

We are curious: where do you find interior inspiration? And do you get influenced by the season with interior choices?


cover and bedroom image via Coco Lapine Design
image cushions By Mölle
images Luxembourg Design Studio Nu

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