Concept and Art Direction Catalogue Variations | Rex Kralj


We have been working for the Slovenian furniture brand Rex Kralj for some years now. We apply their furniture in our projects and since a few years we also work with them behind the scenes on the branding of the ever-growing furniture brand.
After the creation of the brand concept and the first Timeless catalog plus a number of separate projects, it was the right time to bundle the new collection in a new catalogue. In addition to being inspiring, this catalogue should also be functional. The user should have direct access to all technical information. Moreover, the catalogue convinces the reader of all the possibilities that the collection offers. Is an interior architect looking for chairs with a special upholstery or wants apply them in a distinct RAL color in a large business project? Everything is possible. In the Variations catalogue the beautiful basic collection and the new collection gets all the attention it deserves.


Concept, Art direction and Styling – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Marieke Verdenius
Graphic Design – Naomi den Besten
Location shoot – Pantoufle Design


The client gave us the assignment for creating the next catalogue after Timeless. The precise timing was unknown for a long time because all the attention went directly to expanding the collection. In the summer of 2018 it was clear that most additions to the collection were finally ready for production. We traveled to Slovenia and our client presented the additions at a fast pace. We discovered new variations on the basic collection and completely new furniture such as salon, bar and dining tables, a beautiful desk, cabinet and side tables. In addition, Ziga, our client, emphasized that even more was possible through the choice of specific materials and color use. The new catalog had to inform and inspire the reader.
At this point we made a story board with all the scenes, each with specific pieces of furniture in the lead. We chose a female in a creative profession for the main role. She would experiment with the furniture and create different scenes in her beautiful studio.
Through her eyes the message of the catalog becomes clear: the new collection of Rex Kralj offers many possibilities and variations.
Are you curious about the catalogue? Here you can see the result.

Žiga Vrhovec

Owner and Director

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