Concept and Catalogue | Rex Kralj

Ljubljana, Slovenia

As interior architects we have been working with the products of the Slovenian brand Rex for quite some time. Director Ziga Vrhovec was charmed by the way we fitted their furniture into our projects. So he contacted us to discuss adjusting brand strategy and the making of a new catalogue. We gladly excepted the assignment. We travelled to Slovenia to get to know the brand better and to experience the production of the furniture. Ziga personally introduced us to the Slovenian culture. After this we started the project organizing an extensive brainstorm session as a basis for the new concept.


Concept, Art direction and Styling – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Wen van Woudenberg
Graphic Design – Naomi den Besten


The words simplicity, heritage, craftsmanship, details, light and nature form the basis for the new concept and the catalogue of Rex Kralj. We translated these keywords to certain moments of the day of a creative main character. The catalogue is named Timeless. The main character gets up at the break of day, starts his morning ritual and we follow him during the day.  We witness his work as a photographer and see him meeting a friend. At the end of the day we see him with his girlfriend in his cabin in the woods. The images of this storyline show the beautiful furniture of Rex Kralj. We subtly show different kind of applications for these products. The furniture plays a role in the story without being too dominant.

We choose to show contrast in the images. Light versus dark:  the catalogue starts with a bright and white atmosphere and ends in dark and black without being gloomy. The city versus nature: the main character lives in the city but also owns a cabin where he loves watching the moon. Old versus new: the ancient character of the rooms speaks for itself, the furniture is completely whole and new. This is a subtle reference to the furniture Niko Kralj designed in 1952 and which is still appeals to modern taste to this day.

Our catalogue tells a story

We loved the story you created for Rex Kralj, meaning that our catalogue isn’t just a set of images but tells a story. Just like our furniture pieces. Your fresh and stylish approach was a perfect fit for the project. The response we received has been extremely positive and appreciative. We’d do it again any time!

Ziga Vrhovec

Owner and Director

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