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Max Models is one of the bigger model agencies in The Netherlands. They are located in Rotterdam on the picturesque Heemraadsingel. The building has a lot of charm because of the high ceilings with original details, the adjoining rooms with sliding doors and a beautiful view of the canal. After several years it was time to freshen up the rooms and regain functionality. We made the interior design.


Interior Design РTessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography РHolly Marder

Connecting functionality to beauty

The assignment was absolutely clear: there was a comprehensive list of wishes and needs which showed that functionality and beauty had to go hand in hand. There was a need for a prominent place for the set cards of the models. We created this on the wall. This way the entire portfolio is instantly visible for clients. We also fixed a tape measure on the wall, so that the models can be measured straight away.
in the workspaces employees work at computers, but there are also work meetings. We suggested large tables to combine the two functions in a more flexible way. We also addressed the acoustics so the discussions would not disturb the co-workers. The client wanted the building to be more representative for Max Models showing its identity. So we gave the company’s logo a prominent place and created an atmosphere that is professional as well as personal.

Heemraadssingel: een verborgen parel

Het kantoor van Max Models ligt aan de Heemraadssingel in Rotterdam: een verborgen pareltje. De prachtige statige panden hadden altijd al mijn interesse. En nu mochten wij in een ervan een kantoor ontwerpen. Op de dag van de shoot was de singel misschien nog wel mooier. De bloesem van de boom in de voortuin stond in volle bloei. Wat een prachtig gezicht.

Tessa Weerdenburg

Creative Director

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