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A returning client is the Slovenian furniture brand Rex Kralj. Director Ziga approached us this time for a rush job. The Project Series chairs and bar stools were just finished and had to be photographed quickly for a leaflet and the promotion of the launch in Salon del Mobile in Milan. The assignment was to create sphere images showing the versatility in function of the chairs and bar stools. This imagery had to connect seamlessly to the concept we created previously and also with the existing imagery.

You can read here and here more about the previous collaboration with Rex Kralj.



Concept, Art direction and Styling – Tessa Weerdenburg & Nathalie Fransen
Photography – Holly Marder
Photography printwork – Naomi den Besten
Graphic design – Naomi den Besten

Beauty and functionality

The project series chairs and barstools originated in a special way. Taking the sleek lines of Niko Kralj’s 4455 chair as a starting point, contemporary designer Marjan Žitnik has created a new collection of furniture for offices, restaurants and homes. While the backrest and the seat are replicas of the 4455, the chairs have a completely new frame. Following in the tradition of Niko Kralj’s original design, both the chair and the bar chair stackable, effortlessly combining function and style.
The imagery had to radiate the versatility of the piece of furniture. We opted a restaurant location with charm and chose Barbaar in Delft, the Netherlands. This grand café has an industrial appearance combined with characteristic details. We kept the styling simple, showing a familiar scene with coffee and a newspaper.
The result is a simple but beautiful leaflet: the sphere images on the front is inviting to open the brochure. Once done, you’ll see two more sphere images. This time with details of the setting. Folding it  open yet again, you will find all the necessary information about the chair and barstool.



Project chair by Rex Kralj | Project Barstool van Rex Kralj

An easy decision

It was an easy decision to make when launching the new Project Series and we needed new imagery. Our reliable and long term partner Design Studio Nu was awarded the job and they did it like always very smoothly.


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